Basic Rules
Last Updated: March 9th, 2011

Keep in mind that all the board rules DO apply here. You are expected to have common courtesy and foul behavior will not be tolerated. FlashChat is a highly customizable chat. Way moreso than YukuChat. Flashchat allows for theme customization, extensive commands, file sharing, sounds, custom smilies and much much more.

Font Color

Note that most users use the default Sonic theme in the chat which consists of a dark background. This means that you cannot use a dark font. Violation of this may lead to gagging. You will be notified if your font is too dark. You are welcome to use the other themes, but just keep in mind that really dark fonts will not be tolerated.

Banning and Support Rooms

Banning occurs just like on the board. Default temp bans are FIVE (5) days. Continued disruption will lead to a permanent chat ban. In this case, upon entering the chat you're transferred into your own room where you may be consulted. If you were permanently banned on the board, your FlashChat accounts will be made into ban user level accounts. Severe disruption in the chat may lead to board bannings as well.

Gagging Policy

Gagging is when you lose the ability to send messages. You will be able to see them, but not submit any. The most common use of gagging is when you're flooding the chat with pointless spam. Another use is for those not wanting to change a dark font. If you were gagged when using a dark font for 3-5 minutes and you still insist on that color this will lead to a temp ban. Bypassing gags will lead to a temp ban as well.


From now on, posting recent spoilers (within a month of release) in the chat that users may find offendable will lead to a verbal (text) warning. The second time, a temp ban will occur. Further offenses may lead to futher bans and even a permanent ban depending on the frequency of the offenses. So if you feel that spoiling something WILL OFFEND OTHER USERS that is still within a MONTH of release (This goes for movies, books, video games... etc) than you may be warned or even temp banned if it reoccurs.


Spam will not be tolerated. Spamming involves but is not limited to: disruption in the chat with non pertinant material, needless walls of text, flooding, smiley abuse, ignore spamming. You will be warned at first and gags and bans may follow at the mod/admin's discretion.

HTML Abuse

Abuse of HTML in the chat is no longer tolerated. This is exploited with /me actions and PM. It leads to lag and chat log deformities.

Clear Flash Cookies


Z-Dex 3 Help
What is it?

The Z-Dex 3 or ZiggleDex 3 is a tool universally used both staff and regular users. You can log into it here. It uses your chat login and password. You can use it to manage your alts, rename accounts, and link accounts

Do I have to login for each account I wish to change?

No. You can manage ALL of your accounts under one login and it doesn't even need to be the main account. You do not need to logout and relogin for each account you wish to rename or whatever.

How do I know what my main account is?

Your main account will be bolded in the alt list. If you are viewing it, the headerline will be gold. The Make This Account the Main Account button will make the current account you're viewing/editing the main account for each alt you may have.


Commands are found here

Frequent Q&A

HELP! I can't register!

Did you try registering here? If that doesn't help, please report this in Emerald Visitor Center.

HELP! I can't remember my password!

If you forgot your password, please send an email to with the subject Lost Password and include your username. I'll email back a temporary password that you can later change.

How do I make it so the window doesn't refresh all the time when new messages appear

Options >> Effects >> Uncheck "focus window on new message"

The name I registered doesn't work

Please keep names to alphanumeric characters only. There is also a limit to how long they can be which I believe is 32 characters. This includes spaces.

Are we going to get an edit feature?

You'll have to bug Vec about that.

How many alts can I have in the chat at the same time?

Please no more than 5.


Misc Q&A

Does FlashChat connect to actual IRC servers?

In release 3.8 no, although this is a planned upgrade for a future release of FlashChat. The ultimate the goal of FlashChat is to create a sort of "universal" chat system, which would be able to connect to all known chat servers, including desktop instant messaging programs like AIM, ICQ, and MSN Messenger. This is an upgrade which is probably very far into the future, however.

The purpose of the IRC commands listed above is to make the use of FlashChat more familiar and intuitive for users who may be accustomed to IRC systems. Thus, many of the commands that they already know can be used in FlashChat.

How frequently does FlashChat check the server for new messages?

By default, every 3 seconds. However, this setting can be adjusted easily in the FlashChat configuration file. Setting this to a lower value will cause messages to be displayed more quickly, but it will increase the bandwidth requirements for the system. It is strongly recommended that you keep the 3-second interval setting unless you have a dedicated server. If you anticipate that a very large number of users will be chatting (>100), then you may want to change this to 4 or 5 seconds instead of 3, to reduce the server load. This will produce small delays in the message processing, however.

How do I change the background images?

The background images in FlashChat can be changed very easily in the PHP configuration file which comes with the software. Users can change the transparency of the images, and toggle the images on/off. However, you must have access to the chat installation to change the image completely. When changing images, it is recommended that you use a low-resolution JPG file, preferably 1024 x 758 pixels, under 50KB. For the best results, use an advanced image editor like Macromedia Fireworks or Adobe Photoshop. Also, you should NOT save the file as a "progressive JPG", or it will not work. After you change the background image for any theme, be sure to clear your browser cache before reloading the chat to see the changed background.

How do I send a private message?

There are two ways to send a private message in FlashChat. You can either find the user's name in the room manager and click on the name, or you can type "/username:" in the chat input box, followed by your message. The recipient will be alerted of the private message, regardless of the room that they are in. If you send a private message by clicking on a user's name in the room list, then a small private message window will be opened, which you can keep open indefinitely. This is useful is you want to send multiple private messages to one person, or if you want to engage in several private chats simultaneously.

How do I login as a moderator or as a "spy"?

You must possess the moderator or spy password to do this. These passwords are set internally by the chat administrator, and provide special "powers" that are not available to normal users. For example, a moderator is able to boot users from rooms, and ban users from the chat completely. Spies are able to eavesdrop on any ongoing chat without being observed.

How do I insert text in bold or italic print?

In version 3.8 this is not possible. The reason is that FlashChat uses a pixel font which does not support bold or italic symbols. However, to emphasize text you can underline it using <u>...</u>, for example <u>This is underlined</u>, or you can use a different font color for your text. Support for bold and italic text will likely be available in a later version of FlashChat.

How do I use smilies?

You may send a smilie in one of two ways: select the smilie from the list of available smilies, or type the smilie code into the chat input area. For example, :red: is the code to display the blushing-face smilie. The chat administrator can enable or disable any smilie.

What is the sound "Pan" feature?

This option allows you to set the amount of sound coming from the right and left speakers on your computer system.

How do I logout of the chat?

The best way to logout is to click on the "X" in the upper right corner of the screen. However, if you simply close your web browser, then you will also be logged out after a period of time. The system will "time-out" after some interval, which is specified in the PHP configuration file. Thus, users who close their web browsers to logout will still be visible to logged-in users for a short period of time. However, clicking on "X" immediately logs you out of the system.